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Why I’m Addicted to My Smart Home

When my husband installed our all-in-one NuBryte, I wasn’t convinced that it would be something I’d like at all, let alone life-changing. For once, I was pleasantly surprised. I love my smarter home!

Here’s my NuBryte story…and why I can’t imagine my life without it.

We had looked at a few smart home tech products, but NuBryte was the only one that came with ALL the features we were looking for. It’s jammed packed full of features - security, smart lighting, home intercom, and a hub.

NuBryte is an instant smart room that replaces your light switch I was excited to get rid of the plain, and boring, white light switches we had, and install a cool touchscreen in its place. It looks amazing on my wall, especially when it shows our vacation photos. It was easy for my husband to install. It only took him about 15 minutes to get our first NuBryte installed, and after that one, he did the others in about 10 minutes. Once it was installed, I couldn’t wait to see all it could do.

NuBryte Smart Lighting is the Best Thing to Happen to my Family

Who knew that lighting plays such a huge role in our day…honestly I’d never given it much thought before.

My kids always leave the lights on. This is one of my husband’s biggest pet peeves. He was constantly following them around and turning out lights that they (and let’s be honest - probably me) had left on. With NuBryte, we have installed a Touchpoint in each of the kids bedrooms, and use Motion lighting. So when our kids enter the room, the lights automatically come on. And when they leave, NuBryte turns the lights off for us. It makes life just a little more peaceful.

When I’m coming in with a load of groceries and two kids in tow, the lights come right on for me so I’m not trying to find the light switch while juggling everything. It’s also been nice when my kids and I are coming home to a dark house. Lights come on for us, and makes me feel much safer walking in.

A few months after we installed our NuBryte, my 7 year old decided she was scared of the dark. And no, nightlights were not even an option for her (shadows are scary you know). She was determined to sleep with her bedside lamp on. All night, every night. It was so bright in her room I’m not sure how she ever went to sleep. Until we starting dimming her bedroom light down to 30% with NuBryte. Now, she’s not scared to stay in her room. When I know she’s good and asleep and I don’t want to risk going back in there and waking her up, I can turn her bedroom light off from any Touchpoint, from my phone, OR ask Alexa to do it for me.

My kids are always getting up in the middle of the night for something. Their nose is stuffy, they’re cold, they need a drink of water (you get the picture). Back to the 7 year old that’s scared of the dark. As she walked to our bedroom from hers, she was turning every single light on that she came across. It would be 3 a.m. and our house would be lit up like a Christmas tree. Now we’ve activated the NuBryte Night Light Mode so if she gets up at night, the lights will automatically come on at about 30% - just enough for her to see her way to our room without tripping or turning on all the lights. It’s been perfect for her, and she feels much more secure in her home.


I love The Hub. It has a Family Calendar that I can sync to my Google Calendar, so now I’m never going to be the one to forget the snacks at soccer practice again! I can easily customize my notifications to let me know when, and where, I should be. So if I need a reminder in the kitchen to leave early (and to grab the soccer cleats), I can set one for myself to alarm on my NuBryte. It’s perfect for keeping my family organized. Though, it’s probably one of my husband’s least favorite features. Now, he doesn’t have an excuse of “I just forgot about dinner with your parents”. I can send him a notification right to his man cave to remind him!

There’s also a built-in Timer. Sure, I have a timer on my phone, but it’s mostly tied up with my work or Disney Junior (thanks to my two-year old). Speaking of my little one, we’ve just entered the world of potty training. And yes, I used my NuBryte Smart Home to help potty train her. I simply set the NuBryte timer for every 30 minutes, so when she hears the timer sound, she knows it’s time to go. It was so much easier, and she got so excited to hear NuBryte alarm go off. And I was thrilled that she had very few accidents – win-win for mom and baby! I also use the Timer for my First Grader. She’s supposed to read for 15 minutes every night, and now she can cuddle in to her reading nook and read until the light blinks. No more stressing out over homework (except for the math – what happened to simple addition?)!

Smart home technology helps me get through my day in so many more ways than I’d originally thought. So now, I have more time to run my 1000 errands, send the company newsletter, and most importantly, spend time with my family. Because that’s my favorite time of the whole day, and NuBryte helps me get some of that time back.

Thanks NuBryte! I can’t wait to see which new features you come out with next!

For information on adding NuBryte to your home, explore online at, and sign-up for the monthly newsletter.

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