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My NuBryte Day: How we Made our New House a Smart Home

When we began our smart home journey, we set out to make life easier with our all-in-one smart light switch. So it warms our hearts to hear from users about how much of an impact NuBryte has made on their daily life. Today, we're thrilled to share this sweet couples story....see how Andrew & Hayley have made their new house a smart home. And, be sure to check out Hayley's home & DIY blog, Rise & Renovate!


When we received our NuBryte in the mail, it felt like Christmas morning! I was excited because I’d heard so many great things about it, and my husband was excited because he’s crazy into tech. We had it out of the box and installed within about 25 minutes.

My favorite feature of NuBryte has been having control over my home, away from home. As I’m leaving the house, I’m always preparing a mental checklist of everything I need to take. Turning off the lights is the last thing on the list, and usually forgotten. Now, it doesn’t even matter because I can turn off the lights from the NuBryte mobile app!

Also, my home feels safer with NuBryte. After having our car broken into last year, I’ve been on edge about our house being robbed. Now, I can rest easy knowing that NuBryte is keeping an eye on things. Not only that, NuBryte will alert me on my phone if anything goes awry. To help even further, NuBryte’s Vacation Mode lighting makes it look like we’re home even when we’re not, turning the lights on and off at random intervals.

Another thing we love about NuBryte is that there are no monthly subscription fees. Having just bought our house last year and spending most of our money on home improvements, it’s nice to have made this simple smart home improvement, but not have to pay for it forever. We get to use all the features and expand it to the rest of our home when we’re ready.

We’ve been very happy with our NuBryte and can’t wait to eventually create a whole home network and have control over every room in our house!

Want to share your NuBryte story? Drop us a note to - we'd love to hear from you!

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