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CEDIA 2017 Press Kit

September 7-9

Booth #5055


The NuBryte whole home solution is a platform for success for dealers and integrators in the emerging high volume, mass-market consumer smart home industry.


Custom integrators can simplify their sales pitch by offering smart home consumers the top requested features and third party integrations, fully integrated.

Whole Home Lighting Control

with motion, dimming and scene capability.

Motion Based Security

with integrated camera and sensor technology

Home Hub

Room climate, weather, energy monitoring & many more

Intercom System

Push-to-talk for room or whole home messaging


All your favorite smart home features in a touch screen console– right at the light switch. 


Say goodbye to gadget clutter. Built in security camera, motion sensing, and digital dimmers make this an instant smart solution. No special ‘smart bulbs’, external sensors, or batteries to change! Simply replace a light switch for complete control.


Install Touchpoint in the main rooms of the house, including the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms, for full control where you need it.



5 Smart Lighting Modes:

- Morning Wake-up

-Bedtime Dimmer


-Occupancy On/Off

-Night Light 



Flashing Home Lights
100 Db Alarms

In-App Security Video Alerts

Integrated Camera

Motion Detection



Communicate Room-to-Room 

Send Voice Messages

Wi-Fi Based

*Requires 2 or more Touchpoints


Google-enabled Family Calendar 

Weather and Room Conditions

Energy Monitoring


And more!


privacy shutter

Digital dimmer


light control

Quick-access feature buttons

Advanced motion and occupancy sensors

Microphone & speaker with

100 decibel alarm

Capacitive LCD Touch Screen

120° angle video camera

Detailed view of the NuBryte Touchpoint smart home automation device.

Touchpoint Single

Touchpoint Dual Touchpoint Fan


The NuBryte Link connects Wifi-based Touchpoint to Zigbee-based Smart Switches. Only one Link is needed per home and it easily plugs into any wall outlet. Link creates a mesh network among all NuBryte devices, building a strong, connected home automation network.

One Link per home

Zigbee / Wifi / Z-Wave* Connectivity

100 Decibel Alarm Siren

Cornerstone of upcoming 3rd party integrations

*Coming soon


The NuBryte Link connects Wifi-based Touchpoint to Zigbee-based Smart Switches. Only one Link is needed per home and it easily plugs into any wall outlet. Link creates a mesh network aNuBryte Smart Switches are the first of their kind to bring extended home automation features to a classic light switch design.


With 5 advanced smart lighting modes, room climate monitoring, and advanced security features all built in, Smart Switches pack powerful features into a familiar format. They’re best for secondary rooms and switches, such as the hallway, pantry, laundry room, and bathroom.mong all NuBryte devices, building a strong, connected home automation network.

Smart Switches can easily be mixed and matched in any 1 to 4 gang light switch box for a customized solution:

Sense | Dim

Senses motion for security and smart lighting. In-room temperature, humidity readings.


Smart lighting and dimming. Best when paired with Sense | Dim.


3-Speed smart ceiling fan control.


Smart control of outlets or motorized devices.

*Coming soon



The NuBryte whole home solution was built with PROs in mind for a simple, easily repeatable installation. Installation is as easy as replacing any standard light switch and it uses the existing light switch footprint.


Installation requires no extra wiring, just a neutral wire in the switch box. Outfit an entire home in one day.


Time-efficient, replicable installation suited forprojects of any size.

Special pricing model with competitive margins.

No upfront programming or extra wiring. Use the existing light switch footprint.

USA customer and technical support from the manufacturer. Low maintenance with automatic updates and remote diagnostics.

An opportunity for dealers & integrators to establish themselves in emerging, mass-market. Focus on building a large customer base rather than maintain a small one.

Build a positive relationship with customers: Up-sell accessories and compatible products.


The power of home automation is in the palm of your hand with the NuBryte mobile app. Whether you’re on the couch or across the world, check on home at the touch of a button.

Instant video notifications if home security is triggered

Manage lights room-by-room and turn lights off for energy savings

Adjust temperature settings in any NuBryte- or Nest-connected rooms using the Nest integration





What distributors do you work with?

We currently have partnerships with Home Controls and DPC Distributors to carry our products. Smart Switches are exclusively available through Home Controls.


Do I need a Touchpoint in every room?

NuBryte is revolutionizing today’s concept of the smart home. Instal as many or as few Touchpoints as desired for a truly customized smart home. Start with one Touchpoint to try it out or put one in every room for a full smart home experience.  We recommend NuBryte Touchpoint for the home’s busiest rooms, like the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms to fully take advantage of all the integrated features.

What makes NuBryte different from other smart home technologies on the market?

NuBryte’s incredibly installation allows installers to outfit an entire home in one day, allowing for a quick turnaround time and minimal disruption to the home. Additionally, NuBryte has approached the smart home with simplicity for the consumer as a top priority.  Instead of offering a variety of single-purpose point solutions and, inevitably gadget clutter, NuBryte has packed as many features as possible into every device – placed neatly into a standard light switch. 


Do you need to have a NuBryte Touchpoint to use the Smart Switches?

Touchpoint is not required in order to use the Smart Switches. We do recommend having at least one NuBryte Touchpoint to take full advantage of the security features.


How does NuBryte Home Security work?

Equipped with built-in security cameras and motion detectors, NuBryte keeps your home safe and secure while you’re away. All with no monthly fees or contracts! Activate your console before you leave, or use the NuBryte App on your phone if you’re out. If NuBryte senses motion, a 1st stage alarm is triggered.

There is 30 seconds of gentle beeping as a grace period to deactivate the alarm. If the 4-digit code is not entered, all NuBryte-enabled lights will flash repeatedly and a 100 decibel siren will sound.

An instant notification is sent directly to your phone, with a video clip of what’s happening inside.

Decide what action to take. Call 911 for help, or deactivate if it’s a friendly visit.


Are there monthly subscription fees?

No.  NuBryte is completely subscription free….no monthly contracts! With NuBryte, get rid of the monthly monitoring fee and save up to $50 (or more) a month.

How does NuBryte Smart Lighting work?

Once NuBryte is installed, enjoy lighting control from any NuBryte Touchpoint or the NuBryte App on your phone. Want to turn your bedroom light on? Easy. Go to any NuBryte Touchpoint and turn it on. Ready to leave and want to turn all the NuBryte connected lights OFF before you head out? Do it from any Touchpoint! With 5 Smart Lighting modes in the NuBryte App, you’ll have a customized lighting experience throughout the home.

What’s included in the Home Hub?

Not only do you get access to home security and touch-free lighting, you also get family management tools to organize your entire household.

  • Family Calendar. Now with Google Integration – you can keep track of all your families appointments in the same place.

  • Weather Reports. Keep watch of the weather forecasts, and never leave home unprepared again! It’s easy to glance at the Touchpoint to get your upcoming forecasts. Plus, you can also view the indoor temperature, as well as the indoor humidity levels.

  • Energy Monitoring. See how much energy your home’s lighting is using, and view monthly reports to see how you can make smarter energy choices.

  • Voice Control. Integrate with either Amazon Alexa or Google Home for voice-controlled smart lighting.


Why did NuBryte developers choose the light switch?

The light switch is the most touched part of the home, yet one of the most underestimated.  NuBryte has patented the light switch as the heart of the smart home as an easily accessible, highly practical center for home automation. Everyone has a light switch, so why not make it smart?


With so many improvements underway, when is the best time to purchase NuBryte Touchpoint? 

Right now! This NuBryte is only the beginning. With complementary cloud software updates, the possibilities for NuBryte are nearly endless.  3rd party integrations and new features are all scheduled, making this a technology that will grow with the future of IoT.  Our team is always listening to consumer feedback, and has committed to making product enhancements to fit the growing needs of homeowners.


CEDIA Booth Location:

Booth #5055

Exhibit Hall

San Diego Convention Center


PR Contact:

Hayley Rissler


(408) 664-9397




Connect with us on Social Media @nubryte:

Company Address:

1159 Sonora Court, Suite 320

Sunnyvale, CA 94086



PRO Contact:

Casey Bush


(408) 664-9397



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