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Add hands-free lighting control and dimmer functionality to your home with the NuBryte Smart Switch Dim. When paired with the NuBryte Touchpoint console using the NuBryte Link (both sold separately), you can easily and affordably add smart lighting control to other rooms of your home that don't have a NuBryte Touchpoint console.


You'll be able to control any light connected to the NuBryte Smart Switch Dim using the NuBryte Touchpoint console or your smartphone via the NuBryte App. It features three pushbuttons on the face: an on/off button and dimmer buttons above and below to brighten or dim the light. It also has an LED that glows softly when the lights are off to help locate the switch in the dark. The Smart Dimmer Switch is ZigBee-enabled and currently can only be used with other NuBryte devices.


  • Extends your NuBryte lighting network without adding additional sensors
  • Control and dim your lights when connected to the NuBryte Touchpoint and NuBryte Link (both sold separately)
  • Multiway compatible
  • Uses a TRIAC based dimmer
  • Supports dimmable bulbs
  • ZigBee connectivity (currently for use with NuBryte devices only)

NuBryte Smart Switch Dim

  • All NuBryte products are available from Home Controls.


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