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CES 2017 Follow-up: NuBryte Smart Home Highlights

Somehow, CES gets larger every year. Hundreds of thousands of industry experts gather in Las Vegas for 4 days of fun while showcasing the newest gadgets and tech. The NuBryte team had another successful show, and reactions to our all-in-one NuBryte Smart Home were phenomenal.


Attendees couldn’t believe that you get all the top smart home features….right at your light switch! NuBryte replaces a light switch for an instant smart room, and comes packed with all the top smart home features like security, touch-free lighting, intercom, and a family hub.

We loved all the positive reactions as people took a first look at NuBryte!:

“Wow! All of that in a light switch?”

“This product is much more affordable than some of the others we looked at.”

“You can use your existing light bulbs? That’s great. Saves money.”

“A home intercom system could cost upwards of $1,000. It’s great that you get that built-in.”

Introducing Whole Home Control with NuBryte Smart Switches!

It’s easier than ever to extend the NuBryte lighting and security features throughout your home with our new Smart Switches (coming soon). Recently introduced at CES, along with NuBryte Link, attendees got to see the Smart Switches in action. Sign-up for our newsletter for information on reserving your Smart Switches.

New Integrations Stole the Show!

2017 is the year of voice control, and while at CES the NuBryte team was able to show off our latest integration with Amazon Alexa! Attendees got to see the Echo & Dot first hand, and got an inside look at how you can talk to your NuBryte Touchpoint. Check out instructions on setting up an Alexa Skill, and take your smart home to the next level!

We also gave a few other integration sneak peeks while at the show. Those will be announced via our newsletter as the year goes on. (Hint – the first one may have something to do with temperature control)!

CES Highlight Video

We’re looking forward to a brand new year full of surprises. 2017 is the year that NuBryte takes center stage of your smart home. Join us on our journey.

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