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My NuBryte Day

We asked NuBryte users to spill the beans on their favorite NuBryte smart home features (like home security, automated lighting and the wireless intercom), and why they can’t live without it. Check out how these bloggers and brand ambassadors use NuBryte home automation tools in their day-to-day lives!


As a DIY and crafty blogger, this mom loved adding NuBryte Smart Home features to her new house. Not only has NuBryte made her life easier, it looks great in her home!

"Have you every gotten one of those cool little gadgets that keeps surprising you with what it can do? I’ve been playing around with it and keep getting surprised by all of it’s functions. They’ve thought through this product so thoroughly." Get the scoop on why this blogger loves NuBryte!

Thrifty Nifty Mommy

As parents to 4 small children, this family was looking for ways to integrate smart home technology into their daily routine. We think NuBryte is just what they were looking for!

“The kids, obviously, love it. Any shiny, techie thing attracts them like butterflies to sugar. They found the touch screen buttons easier to operate as they sometimes have a hard time reaching up to toggle a traditional light switch at their current height. Even little Zellene got in on the action. Funny how a bright, colorful electronic can make something as simple as activating lights fun for kids.” Read more.

Savvy Saving Couple

This couple was excited to jump on the home automation train, and thanks to NuBryte, they are well on their way to smarter living!

“Thanks to the NuBryte Touchpoint, my home is the now the smartest home on the block. I just installed my new NuBryte Touchpoint this past weekend, and my house gained a few points on its IQ score.” Keep Reading!

Unlikely Martha

This busy soccer mom of two loves products that make her life easier, and her kids love all the added NuBryte features that make their house the cool place to be.

"My kids ask me a million times what we will be doing daily, and to give my nerves a break I have input Movie Mondays and Foodie Fridays into the NuBryte smart home system in my son’s room. As I schedule new activities I’ll add them to the virtual calendar using the free NuBryte app on my phone. Once I input the activities into the app, they automatically sync with the calendar option in the unit. They know to go here daily to check their activities. If you have a busy family this is a great product to keep everyone on track with their activities." Explore more!

Crunchy Beach Mama

This Mama was looking for ways to make her life easier, safer, and more eco-friendly, and she wanted an affordable way to do it. Luckily, she found NuBryte!

“Who likes techy gear most in our house? The kids! Well maybe it is Hubby. They have all been active in setting our new system up and keeping track of all its multi-functioning settings. Just pressing the buttons on the smart technology screen feels futuristic and fun! Let me share with you all the cool features of the NuBryte and you’ll soon want one too.” See what she has to say about the smart home features she loves!

Simmworks Family

Looking for ways to make their home more efficient, NuBryte was the perfect addition to their home!

“Not only was it simple and easy to install, it’s become our new central hub for the home. We installed the NuBryte Touchpoint next to the front door in the switch that controls the outside porch light and the entry light. And after a few weeks of using it, we’re happy to see the benefits of the NuBryte system.” See how NuBryte made this families home energy efficient!

Just Short of Crazy

Deb is always on the road traveling, and she was looking for a way to keep her home safe while she’s away.

“I travel quite a bit and people always ask me if I’m ever worried about my house when I travel. Usually, it’s not a problem because I usually travel solo leaving Alan at home to take care of the house. However, there are times that we travel together and we take steps to ensure that the house is as safe as possible before we leave. One new way we’ve found to make the house a bit safer is with NuBryte Touchpoint- Smart Home System.” Learn how she uses the NuBryte Home Security system.

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