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Top 5 NuBryte Tips for Dealers

Looking to impress your customers with the latest home automation tech on the market? It's an ongoing priority to be able to provide clients with an innovative product that will not only deliver an effective automated home experience, but will keep them coming back as happy customers.

Our goal is to provide you with tips and tricks to help you advise your clients on the importance of selecting the right product that will work best for their family. We've put together some important tips that you can share with your customers to make the decision making process easier...and share the news about the all-in-one NuBryte Smart Home!

Tip 1 - Explain the All-in-One Approach...and Get More Bang for Your Buck!

With NuBryte, you get all the top home automation features in one! Each NuBryte Touchpoint comes fully equipped with built-in automated lighting, motion-based home security, intercom system, and Home Hub. Instead of having to purchase all these technologies separately, you get them all with NuBryte for the same price.

Tip 2 - Give them Remote Control

The ability to control one's home remotely is one of the most requested automated features, and you get it with the NuBryte App. Built for both iOS and Android, users can use the app to control lighting features, activate home security, and more...from anywhere in the world!

Tip 3 - Let Them Know About the Privacy Features

Many users are excited to take advantage of the built-in NuBryte Home Security. On the other hand, some users are concerned about the privacy that comes with having cameras inside the home. Our users privacy is of utmost importance, so we've added in an additional feature that allows you to easily close a shutter on the Touchpoint in order to deactivate the camera.

Tip 4 - Show Users How to Personalize their NuBryte

Did you know that you can also use NuBryte as a screensaver? It's easy to upload a favorite picture to the NuBryte App, and then set the Touchpoint to a picture screensaver in the settings. It's like a digital picture frame right on the wall!

Tip 5 - Make NuBryte the Center of Their Smart Home

What's great about NuBryte is that it not only comes equipped with so many great features, but it also integrates smoothly with all the leading home automation providers. Users love being about to integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice controlled lighting. We're also working on some exciting new integrations with extended lighting control, additional home security features, and temperature control.

If you're not already a member of the NuBryte PRO Network, check it out to see how NuBryte can fit into your business offerings!

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