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6 Tips for Your Summer Road Trip

Let’s face it…traveling with kids is not an easy task. If you’re getting ready to head out on a family vacation, all you need is a bit of extra planning to help you get organized.

Vacations are meant to be exciting, enjoyable and FUN – as long as you are prepared. This year, no matter if you’re hitting the beach, seeking some quite time in the mountains, or going to see Mickey, we’ve assembled some tips to help you get ready for your trip.

Pack Smart – Packing is the first step to getting ready to leave for any trip, and often the hardest. Fitting a few days’ worth of clothes in a small bag is hard! Select versatile and comfortable clothes…and don’t forget to bring along special items like blankies and favorite stuff animals or it will make for a LONG trip!Take Your Own Snacks – Always pack snacks on flights, buses and road trips when possible. Long trips (and even short ones) can leave the kids feeling cranky and hungry. Want some good snack ideas? Check them out over on

Capture Memories – Don’t forget your camera! If your kids are older, consider giving them a journal and/or cheap camera so they can take their own pictures. Then when you get back, turn your photos into a scrapbook or photo book…you can relive the vacation for years to come!

Create a Road Trip Essentials Kit – If you’ve been on any road trip, you know there are a few must-have items to travel with. Sticky fingers, spills, runny noses and chapped lips…does this ring a bell? Find a cute basket or caddy and put in tissues, paper towels, wipes, chapstick, hand sanitizer, etc…you’ll thank us later!

Plan Fun Travel Activities – There’s just something about being stuck in a car with people that forces you to make at least a few memories while you’re traveling to your destination. Keeping the kiddos occupied for hours isn’t an easy task, but fun road trip games for the older kids (who hasn’t played the License Plate game!?), and busy bags for the younger ones filled with fun items like crayons, flash cards, stickers, paper can keep things fun.. Happy and occupied kids means less distraction and safer driving for the parents.

Prepare your home – It’s smart to think about ways you can protect your home from burglars while you’re away. Be sure to lock all your doors and windows, and let a neighbor know you are leaving town. If you use a home security system like NuBryte, you can gain peace of mind knowing your home has built in motion detectors that will turn on a light and sound an alarm to scare a burglar away. Plus, you can monitor your home from your smart phone AND set your home to Vacation Light Mode to simulate your normal lighting habits.

Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun! Just think about the smiles on your kid’s faces as they experience new things for the first time. All of the planning, time and money spent will be well worth it!

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