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Take Your Smart Lighting to the Next Level with NuBryte & Crestron

From brightening up the living room, to improving sleep, NuBryte Smart Lighting features offer endless benefits to users. Not only does each NuBryte Touchpoint come with 5 smart lighting modes, but it now also seamlessly integrates with Crestron to bring even more functionality and efficiency.


  • Conveniently turn NuBryte connected lights on/off throughout the entire home right from your NuBryte or Crestron interfaces.

  • Fully dimmable from off to bright! Go from 1-100% from any NuBryte or Crestron interface to find the perfect lighting brightness.

  • Enhance the home’s atmosphere by programming Crestron to control particular groups of Nubryte lights, creating specific lighting “scenes”.

  • Keep the lights in sync on both the NuBryte and Crestron interface for simple two-way control – no matter which interface the light is controlled from!

  • Communication between Crestron, NuBryte Touchpoint and Link devices is via TCP

  • Simply add the NuBryte Lighting modules into your Crestron project according to the accompanying user guide and the devices will be automatically discovered.

  • Once connected, simply select NuBryte lighting devices from any Crestron interface to control them or view their status.


  • NuBryte devices must first be installed and set-up following instructions provided in NuBryte packaging and software.

  • NuBryte Touchpoint and Link devices must be connected to the same subnet as the Crestron processor.

  • Simply add the Crestron NuBryte Lighting modules directly into your project’s storage location.

  • Define all of the required parameters for the NuBryte UMCs following the NuBryte Crestron Module Guide.

Ready to upgrade the NuBryte Smart Lighting features with Crestron?

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