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Brighten Up Your Home’s Lighting with NuBryte & Control 4

Breathe new life into every room with the brand new NuBryte & Control4 integration! We’re thrilled to announce that NuBryte has partnered with leading home automation company Control4 to offer complete lighting control for NuBryte Touchpoint and NuBryte Smart Switches!

Features include:

  • Conveniently turn NuBryte connected lights on/off throughout the entire home right from the NuBryte or Control4 interfaces.

  • Fully dimmable from off to bright! Go from 1-100% from any NuBryte or Control4 interface to find the perfect lighting brightness.

  • Enhance the home’s atmosphere by programming the NuBryte lighting devices to take advantage of the advanced Control4 Lighting Scenes.

  • Keep the lights in sync on both the NuBryte and Control4 interface for simple two-way control – no matter which interface the light is controlled from!

  • Communication between Control4, NuBryte Touchpoint and Link is via TCP/IP

  • Set-up is easy! Simply drag the drivers into your project in Composer and connect each one to a discovered device.

  • Once the connection has been made, you can quickly find and select NuBryte lighting devices from any Control4 interface.


  • If NuBryte user is using both NuBryte Touchpoint and NuBryte Smart Switches, a NuBryte Link is needed to connect the lighting network.

  • NuBryte devices must first be installed and setup following instructions provided in the NuBryte Packaging and Software.

  • The NuBryte Touchpoint and NuBryte Link devices must be connected to the same subnet as the Control4 processor.

  • Add the Control4 Lighting drivers directly into your Control4 driver storage location.

  • Define all of the required properties for the NuBryte drivers following the NuBryte Control4 Module Guide.

Ready to upgrade the NuBryte Smart Lighting features with Control4? Get the User Guide, Drivers, and More!

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