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AV PROs: Give Your Clients a Whole Home Automation System in Less than One Day

As a home technology professional, you’re looking to get the most out of each client. It takes time to make the sale, so by the time you’re ready to begin installation, you’re probably looking for a product that gives your clients all the top home automation features, but without a complicated system. Enter NuBryte.

NuBryte is different from other smart home systems in that it has all the top smart home features in one. Clients will love the all-in-one approach to our smart light switches, and you’ll love the easy installation that comes with it.

Say hello to the world’s first smart light switch

Why the light switch? NuBryte founders chose the light switch because it’s a natural part of the home. With some smart home devices, you have random gadgets that sit around your house causing unwanted gadget clutter and wall acne. NuBryte is conveniently located with easy accessibility to everyone in the home.

Installation is quick…and easy! Replacing an existing light switch, each NuBryte product only takes about 10 minutes to install. Plus, there’s no special wiring or programming needed.

With NuBryte, you can get multiple installs done in a day, meaning you can get in – get out – and get paid!

Whole home control is easy

Want to add instant home automation in the most used rooms? Get them ALL with NuBryte Touchpoint. With its sleek touchscreen console, Touchpoint is the perfect starting point for any smart home. Built with simplicity in mind, it’s easy to install and easy-to-use. Customize your home with both single and dual light switch replacements.

Tip – Touchpoint is perfect for the kitchen, bedrooms, entry hallway, and family room!

Extend control with NuBryte Smart Switches

Not sure if a Touchpoint is needed in every single room? But still looking for some automation in secondary rooms (like hallways, laundry room, pantry and home office)? Our NEW Smart Switches (coming soon) are perfect for extending all the favorite NuBryte features.

Smart Switches may look like a traditional light switch, but they have ‘smarts’ built right in. You can easily mix and match up to 4 switches together, extending the NuBryte network throughout the home.

You’ve got the tools to be successful

Our new PRO Portal gives you instant access to all the latest NuBryte news, including our integration announcements, special pricing, and product enhancements!

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