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5 Ways to Live Healthier with NuBryte

Health is a hot topic all year long, whether it's getting fit for the beach or boosting your immune system in flu season. While you're taking extra steps to improve your health, let NuBryte keep you better rested and worry-free with several of its smart features.

1. Ease into sleep with the Bedtime Dimmer

The National Sleep Foundation found that bright lights before bedtime can mess with your sleep cycle, affecting how you get to sleep and stay asleep. With NuBryte's Bedtime Dimmer, your lights will dim in the evening, prompting you to limit your light exposure, calm your nerve pathways, and get to sleep on time.

Getting enough sleep each night is also crucial, as the Endocrine Society reports that a loss of just 30 minutes of sleep each night can promote weight gain and poor blood sugar control.

2. Minimize disruptions in your sleeping pattern with Night Glow

When I need to get up in the night, the thing I hate most is turning on the lights to see where I'm going. With NuBryte's Night Glow, your motion is detected and NuBryte will bring the lights up to a soft, candlelight glow, allowing you to see your path without causing disruption to your sleep cycle. Without the bright lights, you'll be able to fall back asleep more quickly and easily. Better rest for a better day ahead.

3. Start your day more easily with Morning Wake-Up

Skip the blaring alarm clock - who wants to be startled awake? Instead, start waking up naturally with NuBryte's Morning Wake-Up, a soft glow of light that brings you out of your sleeping rhythm slowly and easily. When you wake up right, you'll have more energy throughout the day.

4. Reduce stress with the Family Calendar

We're only getting busier and busier, right? No need to remember everything yourself; let NuBryte do it for you. Easily add new events and reminders through the mobile app and let NuBryte be your friend who remembers everything. If you're a Google Calendar user, good news! You can now integrate your existing Google Calendar with NuBryte for an easy transition. Never miss a birthday party or trash day again - freeing up your mind means less stress in your life.

5. Lower anxiety knowing home is safe

When leaving for vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is your house. Make your vacations more relaxing and stress-free knowing NuBryte has your back. With Vacation Lights, NuBryte will randomly turn lights on and off to make it look like you're home. Turn on NuBryte Home Security and stay informed of any activity going on at home. If NuBryte's motion sensor is tripped, a 100 decibel alarm will sound, scaring off intruders. Your lights at home will flash, and a 30 second clip of the motion will be sent to your phone so you know exactly what's going on.

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