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See Why NuBryte was Named “Connected Home - Automation System of the Year”

2017 is off to an exciting start! Just in time for CES, NuBryte was named Connected Home - Automation System of the Year by IoT Breakthrough, an independent organization dedicated to helping the best Internet of Things products and companies “break through” the always expanding IoT industry.

“From a remarkably strong field of more than 2,000 entrants, ranging from startups to technology industry titans, it is truly an outstanding achievement to have been selected by our esteemed judging panel” said James Johnson, Managing Director, IoT Breakthrough.

And of course the NuBryte team was very humbled (and thrilled) to have received such an amazing award.

If you’re thinking about adding all the smarts to your home this year, now’s the time to invest in the award winning NuBryte Smart Home. You’ll receive all the automation, convenience, and comfort that you could ever imagine. Here’s why it was named the best Automation System of the Year:

It’s All-in-One

That’s right. You get all the top smart home features in one sleek touchscreen device. We help prevent the dreaded “gadget clutter” and have one-of-a-kind product that instantly makes any room smart…right at the light switch!

With NuBryte you get all (yes all) of these features….with no monthly subscriptions or contracts:

  • Smarter Home Security – Built-in camera and motion detectors, with siren, flashing lights, and video clips sent to your smart phone, to keep your home safe.

  • Touch-free Lighting – 5 advanced lighting modes to bring efficiency to your day, and help you control all your NuBryte connected lights.

  • Wireless Intercom – Combine two or more NuBryte Touchpoints to easily communicate throughout your home.

  • Google Family Calendar – The perfect place to keep up with all your appointments in one location, with customized notification when and where you need them most (syncs with your Google Calendar).

  • Energy Monitoring – Monitor how much energy you home’s lighting is costing your family, and then review monthly reports to make smarter energy choices.

  • Weather Station – Keep up with your weather forecast, as well as the indoor and outdoor temperatures, and humidity conditions.

It Plays Nice with Others

At CES, we introduced voice control with our newest partnership with Amazon Alexa. And that’s just the beginning of a series of integration announcements we have planned for 2017. We’re making this the year of integrations, and have committed to fulfilling our promise to be the center of your smart home by releasing a brand new integration each month.

Get a sneak peek here of what’s coming next (hint – it might be Nest)

It’s Easy to Install. And Affordable.

Do you have a light switch in your home? That’s all you need to get started with NuBryte. No extra wiring required! As long as you can change out a light fixture, or update a boring brown switch to a crisp white switch, then you can install NuBryte. Have a question? Don’t worry, we have a family of customer team members that will be with you every step of the way.

And at only $249 for a single light switch, we’re making it easy to jump right into a smarter home.

We’d love to have you join us on our smart home journey!

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