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4 Smart Home Trends for Spring that will be Huge in 2017

Attention, homeowners. Spring is officially approaching. Whether you’re ready for a huge home renovation, or simply wanting to add the latest smart home technology, there’s no better way for your space to shine than by digging into this season’s hottest tech trends.

You can pick and choose your favorite gadgets to assemble an affordable smart home, room-by-room, or go out all for an entire smart home system that does it all. So, embrace the warmer weather and sunny days, and brighten up your home with these cool tech ideas.

All-in-One Smart Home

If you’re a smart home tech newbie, and not sure where to start, take a look at the all-in-one NuBryte Smart Home. With NuBryte, you get all the smarts in one cool (and sleek) touchscreen device that replaces your light switch. So say bye bye, light switch. Hello, smart home!

Plus, since you’re replacing a light switch, you’re not adding any extra wiring or endless gadget clutter to your home. Instead, you’re getting all the top smart home features like home security, touch-free lighting, intercom, and home hub. With additional benefits like easy installation and affordability, you can quickly build your smart home at your own pace.

Voice Control

All the latest smart home buzz seems to be surrounding one hot product – Amazon Alexa. By adding an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot into your home, you’re adding a host of benefits to your home. Who doesn’t want to talk to your home? The best part is that Alexa answers back, and is much more helpful than you could ever imagine.

So what all does Alexa do? The skills list is endless, but here’s some of our favorites:

  • Stream songs from Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, and whatever you’ve got on your own device via Bluetooth.

  • Ask Alexa any question – and she’ll have the answer for you!

  • She can even order your pizza.

  • Or our personal favorite – control your smart home. You can easily integrate Alexa with your smart home gadgets, and use voice control commands to automate your home.

NuBryte has recently partnered with Amazon Alexa for voice control lighting, and we’re ecstatic about the possibilities of voice control throughout the home.

Smart Thermostat

These may be small devices, but the benefits they provide are endless. Sure, regular thermostats let you adjust the temperature in your home – but it’s just a control panel for your heat and air conditioner. When you add smart thermostat control to your home, you can program it to not only set the temperature, but to have the thermostat adjust temps based on the time of day. And what makes them so “smart” is that they learn your behaviors, allow you to control the climate remotely, and show you real-time energy consumption. Take a peek at one of our favorite thermostats, Nest, and see how you can easily add this thermostat control to your home.

(Sneak peek – NuBryte just may integrate with Nest in the near future)!

Connected Appliances

The number of connected appliances are growing by the day. Making life more convenient, these new smart home appliances enhance the efficiency of your home. In more ways than one. Now you can create a connected home in your kitchen, living room, laundry room, and more. Designed to do more than just cook or clean, these devices let you monitor and maintain your home from anywhere in the world. Yes, you can even remotely control your vacuum cleaner!It’s hard to pick just one, but since we’re a fan of touchscreen devices, we have to go with smart refrigerators, like this one from LG.

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