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NuBryte Product Updates: Brand-New Enhancements

You asked. We listened. We’ve got several product enhancements coming your way, and we think you’re going to be thrilled with all the updates. And the best news? This is only the beginning to an exciting 2017 for your smarter home!

Add Google Calendar Event Reminders to your NuBryte Touchpoint

Organization just got simple. You can now add your Google Calendar to your NuBryte account to get notification reminders right on your Touchpoint! This is just the first phase in our integration, so stay tuned for more features coming soon!

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Visit the NuBryte App and head to Settings. Scroll down to Integrations and select Google Account. You’ll need to give the app permission to access your information from your Google account – specifically your calendar events.

Step 2: Tap the Connect with Google button to launch your web browser and direct you to Google.

Step 3: Login with your Google email address and password, and select Allow if you would like to give permission to NuBryte to access your calendar event details.

Step 4: Enjoy better organization! Now, you’re NuBryte Touchpoint will display notifications when a Google Calendar event is about to start.

Step 5: Change the reminder setting in your Google Calendar so that your Touchpoint reminds you of your event plenty of time before the event starts.

What’s Next: As part of our Google Calendar integration, this first phase gives the ability to send event reminders directly to your Touchpoint.

You’ll see those notifications on every NuBryte Touchpoint in your home, but not quite yet on your phone via the NuBryte App. Coming soon – you’ll be able to customize your event reminders specific to individual Touchpoints, merge the NuBryte Family Calendar to your Google Calendar, and invite family members to events. Stay tuned!

There’s More!

What’s New in LIGHTING

  • We’ve adjusted the sensitivity on Motion Mode, so NuBryte will now be better at knowing when the room is in use and light it accordingly.

  • For a more luxurious lighting experience, lights will now turn ON by smoothly brightening, and OFF with a smooth dim-to-off.

  • Lighting Mode setup is now accessible on the Lighting screen in the NuBryte Touchpoint, and as always, on the App.

  • Setting up your Lighting Modes in the App? Syncing with your NuBryte Touchpoint is now even easier.

What’s New in SECURITY

  • Have you noticed that your lights turn on when security is activated? This helps detract intruders, and gives your camera plenty of light for recording activity. Now, if the alarm activates and is turned off from the App, your lights will turn themselves back off after 5 minutes.

  • Full family alerts: Now, if your NuBryte Alarm is set off, everyone in the family can receive an App notification with the video clip.

What’s New in INTERCOM

  • Broadcast All is HERE! Send a voice message to all the Touchpoints in your home – all at the same time! Gathering the kids will be easier than ever.

  • Fresh new color for the Intercom screen.

  • Sending messages between Touchpoints is now faster.

What’s New in HOME HUB

  • Brand new Weather Station screenshows a list of temperature and humidity levels in ALL your NuBryte connected rooms – at a glance.

  • Want to change your Wi-Fi password? Now, you can choose any length or format to connect your NuBryte to your Wi-Fi.

  • When you enter a room, NuBryte will go straight to the Lighting control – skipping the screensaver for faster access.

Questions about any of this month’s updates? Send us a note to and we’ll be happy to help.

More updates are coming soon – so stay tuned for another round of enhancements coming your way!

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