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3 Reasons why NuBryte is Perfect to Smarten up Apartment Buildings

Think home automation requires weeks of complex installation? Think again.

Automation for apartments are more accessible than ever, and demand for tech-enabled properties is booming. Gain control over the property, and win the lease in competitive markets.

Torres De La Villa, will feature approximately 100 NuBryte Touchpoints

Take a look at the top 3 reasons why NuBryte Smart Home is a value add for property developers::

Eye Catching + Increases Property Value

Want to bring your renters extra value, and give them a reason to sign a lease with you? The first place people reach for when entering a potential home is the light switch. Make a powerful first impression with a high-tech, smart switch. Instantly showcase the attention given to detail and the modernity!

The perceived value of an apartment or condo equipped with smart technology increases significantly. NuBryte, which covers all the top smart features - security, smart lighting, intercom, and home hub – is an instant win with prospective owners and renters.

Easy to Use

If technology is being built into the building, its essential that residents can use it – easily. NuBryte has made simplicity a top priority, and its easy-to-use console is simple for everyone – young or old, savvy or tech averse.

Quick Installation & Setup

Smart home features that used to take days to install, can now be done in a matter of minutes. NuBryte replaces a light switch and can usually be installed in less than 10 minutes. NuBryte is available in single or dual light switch replacements, and will soon work with ceiling fans.

Networking the consoles is nearly instant, thanks to the convenient Wi-Fi pairing tool. Customizing the integrated home security and smart lighting modes takes seconds and can easily be done by the resident, on the console or via the app.

Torre Olaya Plaza is equipping its luxury apartments with intuitive smart home tech from NuBryte!

Landlords: Have you seen higher property values in locations with smart technologies?

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