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Common Questions About NuBryte, Answered!

NuBryte is poised to become the center of your smart home. With so many features packed into one sleek console, we receive many questions on what NuBryte can really do and what's next for the NuBryte Touchpoint. We put together our most commonly asked questions and we're sharing all the answers!

Q: $250 seems expensive for NuBryte. Is it really worth it?

A: Absolutely. NuBryte gives you several, highly sought-after smart home features in one unit. Instead of buying one smart home technology, you're actually buying 4! Purchasing different devices for each of these features would easily cost you over $500, not to mention additional setup time and more gadgets to manage! NuBryte is ready to go after a 10-minute installation.

Q: With all the features, how can I keep my rooms and devices organized?

A: NuBryte allows you to rename lights in the app so you can easily keep track of your rooms and devices.

Q: Okay, so do I need a Touchpoint in every room? At every switch?

A: NuBryte is revolutionizing today’s concept of the smart home. You can have as many or as few Touchpoints as desired, for a truly customized smart home. Start with one Touchpoint to try it out, or put one in every room for a full smart home experience. We recommend NuBryte Touchpoint for the home’s busiest rooms, like the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms to fully take advantage of all the integrated features.

In the near future we'll be releasing our Smart Switches, which are a versatile, affordable way to extend the NuBryte experience throughout the entire home. Mix and match the smart lighting and security features you need, up to 4 Smart Switches per switch plate, for a truly customized solution. Smart Switches are perfect for the home office, laundry room, bathrooms, and pantry.

Q: Isn't it faster to just flip a light switch?

A: NuBryte has touch-free lighting, so lights turn on when you enter a room and off when you leave. No need to flip a switch! That being said, if you want to manually flip, the Touchpoint's screen will wake up and display the light switch screen as soon as you're close by. With the touch of a finger, you can turn the light on and off just as quickly as a regular switch.

Q: So, do I need two devices to use the intercom feature? That's expensive!

A: Yes, you'll need two NuBryte Touchpoints to use the intercom feature at this time. While an additional $250 might seem like a big investment, you're getting much more than just an intercom system. You're getting additional home security, more smart lighting, and an easier way to communicate throughout your home.

Q: Does the intercom do anything else besides talk from device to device?

A: With the intercom you can talk from device to device, or to all devices using the Broadcast feature. The NuBryte interom is built for more, so in future software updates you'll be able to add video to your intercom sessions, talk from the mobile app to your Touchpoint, and more.

Q: How does home security compare to other products on the market?

A: Unlike many other security systems on the market, NuBryte's home security is subscription-free. Say goodbye to additional monthly costs! If the security camera picks up movement, the lights will flash and a 100 dB alarm will sound. Not only that, the Touchpoint will send an alert to your smart phone of the footage it caught. Then, you can decide whether to report it to the authorities or disregard (maybe it was just your neighbor getting sugar!).

We have much more in store for our home security feature, including live video streaming to your smart phone and better detection of movement. These features will be available in future software upgrades, free to existing customers.

Q: I like the sound of that. Are you planning to use the camera for any other features?

A: As a matter of fact, yes! We have a lot in store for NuBryte's built-in camera. In upcoming software updates, you'll be able to use NuBryte's camera video for chatting from device-to-device, and much more.

Q: With all these features, is installation a hassle? Do I have to run wires throughout my house?

A: Actually, installation couldn't be easier. One switch takes about 10 minutes to install and one of our NuBryte PRO's can outfit your entire home in one day! No invasive wiring either, because NuBryte connects over Wi-Fi.

Q: That's all fine and dandy, but what if my power goes out? Do I lose access to my light switch?

A: Nope! Behind the NuBryte Touchpoint is a more traditional light switch where you can manually turn lights on, off, and dim. If your power goes out, gently pull the touchscreen off the base unit to access the manual switch.

Q: Is my family able to use the mobile app, too?

A: Of course, we want the whole family to have access! You can easily invite family members straight from the mobile app, and they'll be able to access all of NuBryte's features. At this time, a user can only be associated with one home network, so make sure to connect to your own!

Q: I'm interested in the features that are coming soon. Since they're not out yet, when's the best time to buy NuBryte?

A: That's a great question. In fact, our President answered it himself! Take a look:

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