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Why I’m Excited About The Latest Home Automation from NuBryte

When we began our smart home journey, we set out to make life easier with our all-in-one smart light switch. We love to hear from users about how much of an impact NuBryte has made on their daily life.

Today, we're thrilled to share this story from a happy NuBryte family....see how The Barnes family brought smarts to their home!

Welcome home, NuBryte

When my family received our all-in-one NuBryte Smart Home, I was actually a teeny bit intimidated with all that it could do. However, installation was as easy as it was described, and setup was even easier.

We’ve had our unit for a few months now, and we appreciate all the new product updates we’ve been seeing. It truly makes me feel like we’re growing with the unit and seeing it unfold into a better version of itself with every update.

We installed the dual gang switch in our living room, right by the front door of the house.

Our NuBryte Days

I love being able to walk in and turn the lights on with the wave of a finger. My husband loves his new tech, and uses it daily to set timers for the wash, or timers for the sprinklers.

My daughter is also getting involved in our smarter living, and loves turning the lights off and on and adjusting the brightness. Our whole family feels reassured by having the built-in alarm system for that extra bit of protection when we head out for the weekend.

And Our NuBryte Nights...

Entertaining is one of our favorite pastimes, and our Touchpoint seems to be a great focal point in the house, as well as a conversation starter. I always feel like a bit of a magician when I'm able to pull up the app on my phone and manipulate the lighting settings remotely. Visitors always seem super impressed!

Alexa, darling.

We're slowly adding tech friendly units to our home and love that we'll be able to integrate the NuBryte with a lot of the new items we buy. We just got an Amazon Alexa, and our experience has been amazing. Voice control is the perfect addition to our home, and it’s been helpful being able to use voice activation to turn our NuBryte controlled lights on and off.

NuBryte also recently released their integration with Google Calendar, and it’s been nice to get calendar reminders on our Touchpoint. There’s been several integration announcements they have already made this year, and I have to admit that it’s like Christmas morning every time they announce a new one!

I'm excited to add more units so we can use the Intercom feature throughout the house. The new Broadcast All feature was just announced, and we can’t wait to use it!

Building our smart home has been an exciting experience, and NuBryte is the center of it. We can’t wait to see where they go next!

- Mrs. Barnes, NuBryte Homeowner

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