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NuBryte Update: Touchpoint for Fans

Bringing NuBryte smarts to rooms with a fan.

As we put the finishing touches on our NuBryte Touchpoint for Fans, and gear up for its launch later this year, we’d love to give you a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Introducing NuBryte Touchpoint for Fans

Bring all the smarts to your light switch – soon with ceiling fan control!

Were you bummed because you have a ceiling fan and haven’t been able to take advantage of NuBryte features in that room? Soon, you’ll be able to control your ceiling fan with a brand new NuBryte Touchpoint for fans! It includes all the top smart home features like home security, touch-free lighting, wireless intercom, and home hub just like NuBryte Touchpoint – but also has built-in ceiling fan control!

How it Works

Simply replace your light switch with a NuBryte Touchpoint for Fans and get instant smarts, including fan control, at the switch. You get all the favorite Smart Lighting Modes and dimming on your fan’s light, plus fan control. Turn your fan on/off, and adjust the speed of the fan from Low, to Medium, to High.

Can I Control my Fan from any room?

Yes, you can control the light AND the ceiling fan from any Touchpoint or the NuBryte App on your phone.

Does it require any special wiring?

Depending on your home’s configuration, you may or may not have to add in extra wiring. If your light switch includes one on/off for both the fan and light (and you pull the chains to control them), then you will have to add in an extra wire for the fan. If your switch is already a dual switch (one switch for the light and one for the fan), then you’ll be all set for a simple installation!

What About Multi-Way Switches?

NuBryte Touchpoint for Fan will have the same multi-way capabilities as all NuBryte products. You’ll be able to combine a NuBryte Touchpoint for Fan with any of our Smart Switch product line for instant control.

Can’t Wait to Get Your Hands on It?

We’re excited too. Our product team is working night and day to put the finishing touches on our Touchpoint for Fan, and are thrilled to bring you this newest product later this year. You might have already saw our ceiling fan control added to the latest NuBryte App updates, and while it’s not available just yet, we’re excited for you take a peek at how fan control will be added to the NuBryte suite of features!


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