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7 Uneggspected Ways to use NuBryte Smart Home Tech this Easter Weekend

The Easter Bunny will be hopping into town this weekend, and with him will bring all the favorite Easter traditions. If you’re hosting Easter lunch, having guests for the weekend, or coordinating all the activities for the neighborhood kids, your NuBryte Smart Home technology will come in handy in ways you haven’t even thought about.

Sure, you can use NuBryte for your favorite home automation features like home security and automated lighting, but there’s plenty of other ways to use the all-in-one NuBryte this weekend!

Use the Timer for Dyeing your Easter Eggs

One of the most favorite Easter traditions is dying Easter Eggs. Kids of all sizes (and some adults) love getting to prepare for the big hunt with creating their own eggs. And it seems like no one has the patience to wait for each egg to sit in the dye to reach their full color. So instead of having the kids reaching in to get their egg too early, set the NuBryte Timer for the amount of time recommended, and then let NuBryte do the work for you. You’ll get a notification alarm when time’s up, so that you can move on to the next egg!

Schedule the Smart Lighting Modes to Help your Guests Wake-up on Time

If you’re wanting everyone (including the in-laws) to get up in time for the Easter Egg hunt on Saturday morning, schedule their wake-up time with NuBryte. That’s right. You can easily customize each NuBryte room with 5 advanced lighting modes, including the Wake-up Mode, so that your guest’s bedroom lights will automatically (and gradually) start to come on at the beginning of day. Simply schedule their wake-up time in the NuBryte App or from the Touchpoint, and their lights will start coming on about 10 minutes before their alarm is set to go off.

Check the Weather Forecast to Ensure Sunny Days are Ahead

What’s worse than having it rain all weekend, is not being prepared for the rain. That’s why NuBryte has a built-in Weather Station to keep you fully prepared of what’s to come. Scroll through your Touchpoint to view the current indoor and outdoor temps and humidity level for all your NuBryte rooms, take a peek at the 24 hour forecast, and view the 5 day forecast. Now, if you see rain in the forecast for the day of your outdoor activities, you’ll be one step ahead!

Heading Out with a Load for the Annual Easter Brunch? Ask Alexa to Turn the Lights Off

One of the newest NuBryte features is voice control with Amazon Alexa! It’s easy to ask Alexa to turn off the lights as you leave for lunch. Simply state the name of the room you want to turn the lights off in, or turn them all off at once. Perfect for homeowners always on the go (with their hands full)!

Keep Track of All the Activities with the Family Calendar with Google Alerts

Easter weekend can be a busy one. There’s a million activities for the kids, lots of things your guests want to do while in town, and that’s on top of your normal weekend schedule. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all that’s happening in the next few days, use your NuBryte Family Calendar to stay organized. Simply add in your events into the NuBryte App, and get notification reminders on your phone and Touchpoint. Now, you can even add your Google Calendar schedule to your NuBryte Calendar to get alerts on your Touchpoint. So you won’t forget that afternoon movie date with friends!

Showcase Your Favorite Family Photo Right on the Touchscreen

If you want to showcase your Easter Bunny pics or latest family photo on your NuBryte Touchpoint, you can quickly upload your favorite picture to the NuBryte App for a customized Screensaver. Guests will love the added touch the photos bring to your home, and you’ll get to laugh one more time at your youngest kid screaming because you made him sit in the Easter Bunny’s lap for a picture!

Call All the Kids to Sunday Lunch with the Intercom

If all the kids are upstairs doing who knows what, call them to lunch with ease with the NuBryte Intercom. No yelling all over the house! Simply talk room-to-room with the built-in wireless intercom. Now, you can also send your voice messages throughout the whole house at once with our new Broadcast All feature. Saves time and your voice!

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