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The Future of NuBryte Smart Home Automation

We've set out to create home tech that offers all the top smart home features, affordably. We’re happy to be fulfilling that promise - Now it’s time to build on the foundations of our NuBryte platform and really hone in on features and enhancing usability.

We want you to be in the know as we launch new features and make upgrades to our products: Showing you what's happening behind the scenes, and listening to your NuBryte stories. Many of our best ideas come from you!

2017 has been a very busy year so far, and we're working tirelessly on some big new updates that you’ve been asking for. Today we're sharing some future enhancement and integration sneak peeks that are coming your way!

Introducing... the future:

We’re focused on our future and building the capabilities that will take us further, faster. Integration and user experience are cornerstone, and we're looking forward to increased security functionality, ceiling fan control, and the release of our new Smart Switches. Plus, with key integrations lined up like Nest Thermostat and IFTTT, we're taking NuBryte to the next level.

The Center of the Smart Home

This is just the beginning. With complementary cloud software updates, the possibilities for NuBryte are nearly endless. 3rd party integrations, improvements, and new features are continually scheduled, making this a technology that will grow with the future of IoT.

Stay in the Know

We’d love to keep you in the loop. And the best place to do that is through our monthly email updates. Sign-up for the latest news, sneak peeks, and announcements!

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