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3 Easy Steps to Whole-Home Control with NuBryte Smart Home

Building a connected home just got easier. Smart Lights. Home Security. Family Management Tools. Now these home automation tools are all connected through a single platform, without special programming.

We’re making the smart home affordable, and easy.

The journey to smarter living starts now.

1. Bye Bye, light switch. Hello, NuBryte Touchpoint

Want instant home automation in the most used rooms at home? Get them ALL with NuBryte Touchpoint. With its sleek touchscreen console, Touchpoint is the perfect starting point for any smart home. Built with simplicity in mind, it’s easy to install and easy-to-use. Customize your home with both single and dual light switch replacements…and coming soon with ceiling fan control! No special wiring or smart bulbs needed.

Tip – Touchpoint is perfect for the kitchen, bedrooms, entry hallway, and family room!

2. Extend control with NuBryte Smart Switches

Not sure if a Touchpoint is needed in every single room? But still looking for some automation in secondary rooms (like hallways, laundry room, pantry and home office)? Our NEW Smart Switches (coming soon) are perfect for extending all the favorite NuBryte features.

Smart Switches may look like a traditional light switch, but they have ‘smarts’ built right in. You can easily mix and match up to 4 switches together, extending the NuBryte network throughout the home.

Tip – Connect the Touchpoints and the Smart Switches together with NuBryte Link! Simply plug-in to a standard wall outlet to connect everything on the NuBryte network (only 1 Link per home required).

Wanting to extend both the home security and smart lighting features? The Sense|Dim Smart Switch is the perfect choice for you. Only needing smart lighting? Dim will do the trick!

Coming soon, we’ll also be offering 3 speed ceiling fan control with our Fan Smart Switch, as well as control of outlets and motorized devices with the On/Off Smart Switch

3. Control Everything. From Everywhere.

This is where NuBryte whole-home control is at its best. Want to turn off the kitchen lights from an upstairs bedroom? Or want to dim the family room lights from the couch? It can be done! It’s easy to control any switch from any console, or from the NuBryte App.

Are you a Home Builder? Electrician? Remodeler? AV Pro? Learn more about NuBryte PRO platform…with special pricing!

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