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4 Reasons Why Moms Need Smart Home Tech in Their Life

Moms love getting gifts. No matter if it’s a homemade card, a massage, or the latest smart home technology, they love feeling special. Mother’s Day will be here before we know it, so why not get the mom in your life something that will make her life easier. This year, skip the pedicure (that only lasts a week), and get her something that will last forever…smart home tech with NuBryte! Trust us…she’ll thank you for bringing instant home automation into her life.

Here’s all the scoop on why Moms love smart tech.

Smart Lighting keeps them sane

We’re pretty sure that at some point, everyone’s kids have left the lights on. And usually it’s up to Mom to remind them to turn them off, or just do it for them to keep the peace. With NuBryte Smart Lighting, Moms can say bye bye to leaving the lights on! NuBryte comes with Welcome Lights that turn on when motion is detected in the room, and then turn off once there is no movement. No more leaving the lights on….or fights with the kids!

Organization tools are the key to happiness

Ever know a Mom that never says no? Mom’s today are busier than ever, and when it comes to work, PTO functions, school activities, and soccer practice snacks, there’s always something to do. NuBryte can help her get organized…and stay organized with the built-in Family Calendar. She can easily keep up with her family’s schedule, and get instant notifications on the NuBryte App or the NuBryte Touchpoint. Plus, she can even sync her Google Calendar to receive event reminders on the Touchpoints in her home!

Easy communication = no more yelling

Moms don’t like to yell, but sometimes when she’s politely asked the kids to come downstairs for dinner 3 times already, usually yelling is the next step. But that can all stop with NuBryte! With the built-in Intercom system, Moms can easily send a 60 second voice message to the playroom to ask the kids to come down for dinner. Or if the kids are scattered throughout the house, she can quickly broadcast her message to ALL of the NuBryte Touchpoints in her home.

Their kiddos safety means the world to them

It’s normal to worry about your kids, and Moms can always find something to worry about. With NuBryte, we give you a little extra peace-of-mind with our built-in Home Security. It’s easy for Moms to activate as they leave the house for the day, or right before bed at night. Plus, if an alarm is triggered, an instant notification alert will be sent right to the NuBryte App, so she can take a peek to see what’s happening at home, and call for help if needed. There’s also no monthly subscription fees, so it’s a win-win for the whole family!

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