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Special NuBryte Smart Home Pricing – Ending Soon!

When we set our on our smart home journey, we wanted to offer an all-in-one product that did it all…at an affordable price! To help spread the word, we offered a special introductory pricing to our very first users. After being on the market for a little more than a year, and making many enhancements to the NuBryte Smart Home software and products, it’s time for us to move forward with our new pricing plans.

New Features + Integrations are HERE!

We listened to our user’s invaluable feedback, and have made tons of new updates to our system to create a more robust smart home platform. We’ve also made several key integrations with industry players to reinforce NuBryte as the Center of the Smart Home.

Now that NuBryte works with so many top smart home products, there’s no need to purchase a different product for each feature. With NuBryte you get built-in access to home security, smart lighting, intercom, and home hub. Plus, with our new integrations, you’re also getting voice control lighting with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, as well as Nest Thermostat control (coming soon).

Plans are being made for several other integrations coming this summer, including IFTTT. The future is looking bright, and now’s the time to invest in your smarter life!

Whole Home Control is Coming

Not only can you outfit your home with NuBryte Touchpoint, but we’re thrilled to introduce our new series of NuBryte Smart Switches(pre-order coming soon)! Now, you’ll be able to start with the Touchpoint in your most popular rooms, and expand your NuBryte network to additional rooms in an even more affordable way.

Smart Switches look like a traditional light switch, but they still have many of the favorite features built right in. For a low price starting at $79, this is a perfect way to continue building your smarter home.

Get Your Hands on a NuBryte Touchpoint BEFORE the Special Pricing Ends

Hurry! Our special pricing program ends on May 21, giving you plenty of time to order your NuBryte Touchpoint before the price increases. By purchasing your NuBryte now, you’ll save over $140 on each Touchpoint. That’s an amazing savings…and you’re getting all the top smart home features in one! Shop our special pricing now!

On May 22, the price of the NuBryte Touchpoint will increase to $379 for a single gang switch, and to $399 for a dual gang switch.

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