NuBryte Now Works with Google Home for Voice Control Lighting!

May 17, 2017

We’re thrilled to announce that NuBryte home automation is now integrated with Google Home for easy voice control to NuBryte smart lighting. With this integration, users can interact with their NuBryte Smart Home in a more efficient and comfortable way, using their home’s voice assistant.



“Ok Google”


Voice control lighting can provide a new level of interaction and convenience at home. By simply talking to your Google Assistant, you can easily turn your lights on/off, brighten, or dim. Group rooms and lights for instant scene customization


Cozy in bed and don’t want to get up to turn the lights off?


Ok Google, turn my bedroom lights off.


Running late for work (again) and don’t have time to go through the whole house to check the lights?


Ok Google, turn all the lights off. 


Settling down for movie night and want to set the scene?


Ok Google, dim the family room lights by 50%.


Kids left the lights on again?


Ok Google, turn all the kids’ bedroom lights off.


Easy Steps to Voice Activation


Ready to get started with Google Home? Voice activation is a few easy steps away!




  1. After linking, the devices will be discovered automatically and appear in the device list.

  2. Be sure to have your NuBryte login information handy – you’ll need to enter it here.

  3. Tap on NuBryte, then follow the steps.

  4. From the Home Control menu, click the + button at the bottom right.

  5. From the Devices menu, click +Add New Device, and follow the simple instructions to pair NuBryte

  6. Download the Google Home App on iOS or Android, and setup your Google Home device by connecting it to your Wi-Fi Network.



Now’s the fun part – organize into rooms and groups. Tip – be sure to use the same room names as you have in your NuBryte Touchpoint console.


You can create one for that groups all the room’s lights like “Kitchen”, or “Claire’s Bedroom”. 

Or, group multiple rooms for easy whole-home control, like “Kids Bedrooms”, or “Downstairs”




*Offer valid for a limited time

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