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Beginners Guide to NuBryte Smart Home

Whole Home Automation is Easy with NuBryte!

Looking for a smart home system that has all the smarts, that’s easy to install, and affordable? Good news! You get all of that (and more) with NuBryte Smart Home. NuBryte is an all-in-one system that replaces your light switch….but it’s so much more. It comes with all the top smart home features like home security, smart lighting, intercom, and home hub with Amazon Alexa & Google Home voice control lighting and Google Family Calendar.

Does all that sound great, but you’re not quite sure where to even begin?

Here’s your step-by-step guide to implementing NuBryte smart tech:

Instantly transform any space into a smart room. With its sleek touchscreen console, NuBryte Touchpoint is the perfect starting point on your journey to smarter living!

  • Installs easily into a standard single or dual switch box.

  • All the built-in NuBryte features, without gadget clutter

  • No special ‘smart bulbs’ or external sensors needed

  • No batteries to change

  • Easy, quick installation. No programming

  • Simple for the homeowner to enjoy

Think about where you spend the most time with your family…and where you think all of NuBryte’s smart home features will help you the most! These spaces are where you’ll want to install a NuBryte Touchpoint. Places like the kitchen, family room, entry hallway, and bedrooms are perfect spots for Touchpoint tech. We also think it’s a good idea to install a Touchpoint beside any door that leads to the outside of your home, so that you can take advantage of NuBryte Home Security.

We recommend having at least 3-4 Touchpoints located throughout your home to maximize your NuBryte network, and take advantage of the built-in home intercom system (you have to have at least 2 Touchpoints to use it).

Extend NuBryte control to even more rooms with our new series of Smart Switches!

Coming soon, you can easily mix and match up to 4 switches together, extending the NuBryte network throughout the home. Not sure that you need a Touchpoint in every room in your home? Smart Switches are perfect for secondary rooms like the laundry room, pantry, home office, and hallways.

NuBryte Smart Switch Series

Sense | Dim - Senses motion for security and smart lighting. In-room temperature, humidity readings.

Dim – Smart lighting and dimming. Best when paired with Sense | Dim.

Fan –3-speed smart ceiling fan control.

On/Off –Smart control of outlets or motorized devices.

Add Link to Connect your Touchpoints to your Smart Switches

Now that you have both Touchpoints and Smart Switches in your home, you’ll need a NuBryte Link to connect the two products together. You want to make sure that your smart home products are all on the same network so that they can talk to one another, and this product connects it all together.

NuBryte Link plugs into a standard wall outlet, and you only need one per home!

Lastly – Connect to your other smart home products

Did you know that you can use your NuBryte Touchpoint to integrate with many other smart home products?

Amazon Alexa – Pair with NuBryte for voice control lighting

Google Family Calendar – Add your Google Calendar to the NuBryte Family Calendar to get event reminders on your Touchpoint

Google Home – Add to your home network for voice control lighting from the Google Assistant

Nest Thermostat – Link your Touchpoint to your Nest for thermostat control (coming soon!)

See what else we’re up to, and check out more upcoming integrations: The Future of NuBryte Home Automation!

WATCH: Get Easy & Affordable Whole-Home Control with NuBryte

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