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Top 5 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Become a NuBryte PRO

Smart home automation is on the rise, the market is heating up. More and more homeowners are ready to make the investment in home technology, but they’re not sure where to start.

Enter NuBryte Smart Home

Customers love all the built-in features like home security, smart lighting, WiFi intercom, and Home Hub. It’s a platform that is easy for them to learn and use with confidence. It looks great on the wall, and eliminates the “wall acne” of single-function cameras and sensors.

Our PROs love the easy installation of NuBryte – an entire home can easily be fitted in an afternoon. With no programming, and automatic cloud-based updates, it’s a worry free solution.

NuBryte is new, but has already won the attention of many, and has been awarded several awards like winner of the IoT Breakthrough Connected Home Automation System award, and was recently selected as a Green Builder Top 50 Hot Products.

By joining our network of professional installers, home builders, remodelers, and AV PROs, you can be one of the first to grow your business with NuBryte.

Thinking about joining our PRO Network? Here’s the top 5 reasons why NOW is the perfect time to join our team!

The Right Product

Let’s face it, consumers don’t always understand the complicated technology and its interconnections. That’s what makes a PRO installation stand above the rest.

Clients want all the latest smart home trends in their home, but they don’t want a ton of different products that need to interact and that are complicated to manage.

NuBryte Touchpoint is fully equipped with the top smart home features, all built in. …right at the light switch! Perfect for all the primary living areas in a home, we suggest customers start with 3-4 Touchpoints throughout their home.

For clients looking to expand their NuBryte home network, whole-home control is easier than ever with our new Smart Switches. Extend the security, lighting, and temperature monitoring features to more rooms at an even more affordable price.

Easy Installation

NuBryte installation is quick…and easy! Replacing an existing light switch, each NuBryte product only takes about 10 minutes to install. Plus, there’s no special wiring needed! With NuBryte, you can get multiple installs done in a day, helping you get a better return on your investment.

Multiple installs means more business for you!

Hear from one of our PROs about our easy installation!

No Extra Maintenance for You

Our team of NuBryte experts are on-hand to assist any of your clients with their support questions. That means you can worry less about technical support, and more about building your business.

Your customers will get complimentary software updates via the Cloud, automatically. Easy for you. Easy for them!

Special Pricing Packages

Not only is NuBryte an affordable product for your customers, but you get special pricing packages by becoming a NuBryte PRO. Learn more about our PRO discounts and earning potential

Behind the Scenes Access

We like to think of our PROs as our friends. And friends tell each other things. So when we have a new product, integration news, or special deals, you’ll be the first to know… you’ll be the first to get access to new products! We’ll also provide you with exclusive support resources, and other perks like customer referrals.

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