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How NuBryte Smart Home Gave This Dad Superpowers

The number one job of most Dads is to take care of his home and the people that live it.

With Father’s Day coming (hint hint) now is the perfect time to get the Dad in your life smart home tech, like NuBryte Smart Home. Packed with all the top home automation tools, NuBryte comes equipped with built-in home security, smart lighting, intercom, and Home hub, making life simpler for Dad…and for the whole family!

We recently caught up with NuBryte user Jeremy, from Orlando, and got the inside scoop to his NuBryte life. Here’s his story.

I’ve always been a tech geek, and I’m usually the first to know about the next big tech, and for me right now that’s the connected home.

It started when we got a Google Home device. I started looking online reading any and everything I could find about its integrations for the smart home, and that’s when I found NuBryte.

Smart Lighting Gives Me Superhero Powers

My kids are always leaving the lights on. Always. No matter the time of day, I can walk upstairs and I’m guaranteed to find 1 (or 7) lights on. It was the number one reason I was looking to add smart tech into my home. After having my NuBryte units installed, the first thing I set-up was the Smart Lighting modes. Now, if the kids leave a room unattended, and no motion is detected inside, the light will automatically turn off.

I also like to use the voice control lighting with our Google Assistant. “Ok Google, turn the Home Office lights on”, when I’m working from home in the evening. Or, “OK Google, dim the Living Room lights 50% when its time for the Magic to play. My kids like the smart lights too. They’re still young enough to believe that I’ve got special superhero powers when I talk to our lights. And when I say its bedtime, they are amazed when their lights start to dim – using the NuBryte Bedtime Dimmer lighting mode

Intercom is the Key

Sometimes, after a long day at work, I like to enjoy some R&R in my man cave. If my wife is looking for me, she simply uses the built-in wireless Intercom system, and we can talk room-to-room. It’s perfect for calling the kids downstairs too.

I Have X-Ray Vision

Not technically, but with the NuBryte Home Security, I can keep watch of things at home while we’re away. We recently went on vacation, and I was able to enable the security device right from the road. If someone were to trigger our alarm, a siren would go off at home and all my lights will start flashing. In the meantime, I get a notification on my smartphone with a video of what’s happening inside my house. I feel connected to home, and can relax knowing that everything is ok.

I’m Officially the Cool Dad

My kids think that I’m a superhero. My wife loves all the ways NuBryte has made our life easier. And my buddies always want to watch the game at my house. I have NuBryte to thank for all of that!

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