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Get to Know NuBryte: Wireless Intercom System

Ever get tired of yelling for the kids across the entire house? Wouldn’t it just be easier to say something one time, and then broadcast throughout the house?

Say hello to NuBryte. An all-in-one smart home solution that comes equipped with a wireless Intercom that makes communicating easier than ever. It’s also packed with all the top home automation tools like smart lighting, home security, and Home Hub.

Getting Started with NuBryte Intercom

NuBryte is your new light switch…and Intercom! We recommend you start with installing a Touchpoint in the most popular rooms in your home – the places your family spends the most time. Once you get at least two consoles installed, you’re ready to use the Intercom system.

Talk Room-to-Room

Are you downstairs in the kitchen, and need to tell your daughter upstairs that it’s time to leave? Instead of standing at the bottom of the steps yelling, or having to climb the stairs to get her, you can easily send her a 60 second voice message straight to her room to let her know that the car is leaving.

Let the Whole House Know

Not only can you talk room-to-room, but you can also broadcast messages throughout your home on each of your Touchpoint consoles. Its dinner time but the family is nowhere to be found. Simply record a 60 second message, press Broadcast All, and you’re letting everyone know that dinner’s ready. No more yelling!

Coming Up

We’re continually working on product upgrades and have some big plans up our sleeve to make the Intercom system even better. (Hint – this might include video messaging, and using the App for messaging). What features would you like to add to the Intercom? We’d love to hear from you! Give us a shout out on social media (@nubryte) or drop us a note to

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