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For the PRO: All About NuBryte Smart Home Products

Designed to fit your business model, NuBryte offers an expanding series of smart home products.

There’s no shortage of smart tech available today, but NuBryte is different. It has been designed to be an intuitive, ultra-convenient home automation system. Replacing a home's light switches means no batteries to change, no lost devices, and no gadget clutter.

Built-in whole home lighting control, motion based home security, intercom system, and a Home Hub make each console a high-performance home automation center.

Exit Light Switch, Enter NuBryte Touchpoint

NuBryte Touchpoint is the cornerstone of the NuBryte Smart Home. The sleek touchscreen console packs today’s top home automation features into the world's smartest light switch. Touchpoint is perfect for the main living areas in a home, in high-traffic areas where features like intercom, motion-based security cameras, and touchscreen Home Hub would be most used.

Extend Features with NuBryte Smart Switches

Complete a whole home installation with Smart Switches. These discreet smart switches are designed to help complete a system, fitting into unique switch configurations and perfect for secondary or infrequently used locations where smart lighting or motion detection might be useful - but where a touchscreen is not necessary (closets, pantry, basements).

Smart Switches may look like a traditional light switch, but they are packed with features and can be combined for a customized solution.

Connect the Entire NuBryte Network

To connect Touchpoint (Wi-Fi based) to the new Smart Switches (ZigBee based), homes will need one NuBryte Link.

Simply plug one Link into a standard wall plug to connect the Smart Switches to the NuBryte network.

More to Come

This is just the beginning of a whole-home control solution that is quickly becoming the center of the smart home. With our latest integrations, like Nest, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home, we’re taking NuBryte to the next level. Stay tuned for even more some new product announcements at CEDIA 2017 in San Diego!

Want to learn more about the NuBryte PRO Network? Explore and sign-up!

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