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All Eyes on NuBryte at CEDIA 2017

Showcasing at CEDIA 2017 in San Diego, the NuBryte team showcased the world’s first all-in-one smart light switch, the latest new Smart Switches, and a brand new line of audio solutions for the first time ever!

Visitors got to experience a NuBryte home environment where they could use the full range of NuBryte features: Motion-based Security, Smart Lighting (now with voice control!), Intercom, and a Home Hub. Popcorn to munch on and cold craft beers at our customer appreciation events made the whole show even more cozy.

Overall, it was an extraordinarily productive and promising three days, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds next (hint – it will involve new products and new integrations)!

10+ features in 10 minutes!

As the first product that brings together the top-requested home automation features into a light switch, NuBryte Touchpoint is still turning heads as an innovative approach to the mid-market for home automation. Bringing dozens of features to a home installation in a matter of minutes, including setup and configuration, NuBryte is a fresh approach to the connected home.

At CEDIA we did live demos of our 10 minute installation, proving that feature-packed whole home automation doesn't need to be complicated.

Don't take our word for's a glimpse at what the CE media had to say about us!

NuBryte Lights Up the Middle Market

Bridging the gap between DIY and high-end control systems, Silicon Valley startup NuBryte Pro wants to be the all-in-one control switch that plays nice with everybody. Appearing for the second time at CEDIA this year….Keep Reading

NuBryte Positioned as Poster Child for Do-It-For-Me Market

NuBryte's market strategy to tap into the middle-class market with a device that promises a frictionless experience is borderline brilliant …See What NuBryte is Doing Best!

New Smart Switches are Here….and Are a BIG Hit!

Attendees got a first-hand look at our new series of NuBryte Smart Switches. Released this summer, the Smart Switches extend NuBryte lighting and security features throughout the home.

Visitors also got to preview some of the new Smart Switch color options and relay switches that truly bring a customized solution to homeowners looking to personalize their smart home solutions.

Sneak Peek at the Brand New Audio Solutions

We’re thrilled to announce our newest product line…NuBryte Audio! A combination of speakers, amplifiers, and a smart speaker bulb, these new products are made exclusively for custom integrators and installers, continue our tradition of packing as much as possible into every device, and are an easy add-on to any NuBryte home automation system.

While we work hard to put the finishing touches on our new speakers, we know you’re excited to learn more. Here’s a little sneak peek to see what’s coming!

Opening the Door to the Middle Market

If you’d like to work with NuBryte as a PRO, let’s chat! Send us a note to, or apply on our website here.

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