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A Look Back at 2017

As 2017 comes to an end, we’re reflecting on another year full of smart accomplishments.

We would like to give thanks to our NuBryte fans for your continued support and excellent ideas. We’ve spent the year working hard to improve your NuBryte Smart Home experience, and have made some important product updates, as well as several new exciting integration announcements.

Hello, Voice Control Lighting

Your favorite NuBryte lighting features are now voice activated! We were invited to be among the very first to integrate voice control lighting with Google Home, and also launched with Amazon Alexa!

Coming in at night with an arm full of groceries? Tell your voice assistant to turn on your NuBryte enabled lights in the kitchen. About to begin your next binge-watching marathon on the couch? Ask your lights to dim to 20% to set the scene. Trying to get out the door in the morning? Just tell your lights to all turn off!

NEW Smart Switches

Designed to make whole home control easier than ever, our new series of NuBryte Smart Switches made their debut and have been a huge hit! Users love the ability to extend their favorite NuBryte features to even more rooms throughout their home.

Pair up to 4 smart switches at each switchbox - perfect for unique smart home lighting configurations or in secondary locations like stairways.

Brand New Intercom Features

Not only did we introduce a fresh Intercom screen with faster messages, but we also added the Broadcast All feature into our intercom system to make gathering the family easier than ever! Want to get all the kids together for dinner? Send your message throughout the home to every NuBryte – all at once!

Get Organized in the New Year with Google Calendar

Organization is simpler than ever. Earlier this year, we introduced the first phase of our Google Calendar integration! You can now Google Calendar to your NuBryte account to get notification reminders right to your Touchpoint.

What’s New in the Home Hub

Besides all the new and exciting integrations that we’re adding to our Home Hub feature, we’ve also added a few extra features to truly make NuBryte the center of your smart home.

  • Brand new Weather Station screen shows a list of temperature and humidity levels in ALL your NuBryte connected rooms – at a glance.

  • Want to change your Wi-Fi password? Now, you can choose any length or format to connect your NuBryte to your Wi-Fi.

  • When you enter a room, NuBryte will go straight to the Lighting control – skipping the screensaver for faster access.

For the PROS

This year, we made a major decision to redesign our business and have found success in partnering with PRO’s and distributors to sell and install our smart home solutions, while providing our customers with even more ways to experience NuBryte technology in their homes. See the scoop on what’s happening with the PROs!

Coming for 2018

We’ve got an incredibly exciting 2018 lined up for you! Starting in January, we’re planning to make several new integration announcements, and we think you’re going to love what you see. Be sure to sign-up for our newsletter to get all the NuBryte news!

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