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Why 2018 is the Best Time to Become a NuBryte PRO

If you’ve been thinking about adding NuBryte to your product offerings, now’s the time to become a NuBryte PRO! The market is heating up, and many homeowners are ready to dive into the world of home automation - but they’re not sure where to start. Enter the NuBryte PRO Network.

NuBryte, a fully integrated smart home solution, is taking the middle market by storm in 2018, and we’re looking for home tech professionals to join us. As a member of the NuBryte PRO Network, you’ll find more ways to build profit in your business.

Give Your Customers 10+ features in under 10 minutes

Replacing a light switch, NuBryte is equipped with all the top requested features like whole-home lighting control, motion-based home security, intercom system, and Home Hub with built-in voice control lighting with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. You get all of these, and more, with exclusive to PROs NuBryte Touchpoint!

Installation is quick…and easy! Replacing an existing light switch, each NuBryte product only takes about 10 minutes to install. Plus, there’s no special wiring or programming needed. With NuBryte, you can get multiple installs done in a day, meaning you can get in – get out – and get paid.

The Center of the Smart Home

Last year, we jumped ahead of the latest smart home trends and announced BIG integrations in our Home Hub for voice control lighting with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, as well as an exciting integration with Google Calendar.

This year, we’re gearing up to announce several more integrations with prominent home automation partners. Things like added temperature control, extra security, and other features will be coming soon, so watch for all the latest news!

Why Sell NuBryte? It’s Smart Business

By becoming a NuBryte PRO you’re expanding your business and setting yourself up to Get In. Get Out. And Get Paid. It’s that simple. Our PRO Network includes benefits to set you apart from your competition, while also providing extra perks for you.

  • Time-efficient, replicable installation suited for projects of any size

  • No upfront programming or extra wiring – you use the existing light switch footprint

  • Low maintenance with automatic updates

  • Special pricing model for partners

  • Opportunity to establish yourself in emerging mass market

  • Focus on building a large customer base

  • Plenty of up-sell opportunities available

You Get First Dibs

We’ve just recently opened up our PRO Network for partners, and you’ll be one of the first to offer NuBryte products in your business. That means you’ll get to introduce an affordable whole home automation solution to your customers before anyone else gets to them! They’ll love all the built-in features that NuBryte brings, and you’ll love the easy installation!

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