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4 Reasons Why NuBryte Smart Home is Opening up the Middle Market

The home automation industry is taking off, with revenues up by 11.4% over the last year (CE Pro’s 2018 State of the Industry), and NuBryte is poised to heat up the middle market with our all-in-one smart home system! By switching from a DIY product, to PRO Installations via the NuBryte PRO Network, we’re bridging the gap between entry level DIY solutions and high-end control systems.

All-in-One Fully Integrated Smart Home Solutions that Plays Nice

NuBryte is easy for PRO’s to recommend because of all the built-in features we provide, whether homeowners are wanting whole-home control, or just looking to step into the world of home automation. Combining the top smart features – home security, smart lighting, intercom and Home Hub - our intuitive interface is simple to setup and easy for a homeowner to use and maintain.

In 2017, we jumped ahead of the latest smart home trends and announced new integrations in our Home Hub for voice control lighting with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, as well as an exciting integration with Google Calendar. This year, we’re gearing up to announce several more integrations with prominent home automation partners. Things like added temperature control, extra security, and other features will be announced over the next several months.

Replaces the Light Switch with No Extra Wiring

Installation is quick…and easy! Replacing an existing light switch, each NuBryte product only takes about 10 minutes to install. Plus, there’s no special wiring or programming needed. With NuBryte, you can get multiple installs done in a day, meaning you can get in – get out – and get paid.

Why the light switch? NuBryte founders chose the light switch because it’s a natural part of the home. With some smart home devices, you have random gadgets that sit around your house causing unwanted gadget clutter and wall acne. NuBryte is conveniently located with easy accessibility to everyone in the home.

Offered Exclusively to Authorized Dealers Through the NuBryte PRO Network

The NuBryte PRO Network supports small, medium, and large businesses by offering customized special pricing offers, marketing support, targeted sales opportunities, and technical support. After increasing our product selling price, we’ve created a larger margin for dealers to take advantage of. Our PRO Network also includes benefits to set you apart from your competition, while providing extra perks for you.

Whole Home Control Made Easy

Bye Bye, light switch. Hello, NuBryte Touchpoint

Want instant home automation in the most used rooms at home? Get them ALL with NuBryte Touchpoint. With its sleek touchscreen console, Touchpoint is the perfect starting point for any smart home. Built with simplicity in mind, it’s easy to install and easy-to-use. Customize your home with both single and dual light switch replacements.

Tip – Touchpoint is perfect for the kitchen, bedrooms, entry hallway, and family room!

Extend control with NuBryte Smart Switches

Not sure if a Touchpoint is needed in every single room? But still looking for some automation in secondary rooms (like hallways, laundry room, pantry and home office)? Our NEW Smart Switches (coming soon) are perfect for extending all the favorite NuBryte features.

Smart Switches may look like a traditional light switch, but they have ‘smarts’ built right in. You can easily mix and match up to 4 switches together, extending the NuBryte network throughout the home.

Ready to take your business offerings to the next level? Sign-up to become a NuBryte PRO!

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