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4 Ways Dealers Can Use the NuBryte App to Impress Customers

When thinking about home automation, one of the most requested features from homeowners is the ability to stay connected to home…from anywhere. Being able to control the home from the office (or the beach) is one of the greatest benefits to a smarter home. Things like automated lights, home security, and family organization can all be done from outside the home with NuBryte. Available on iOS & Android, controlling the home is simple and easy!

Here’s 4 ways dealers can add the NuBryte App into their sales pitch to impress their customers.

Automated Lighting is Magic

With several ways to use the built-in Smart Lighting Modes, it quickly becomes one of the homeowners most favorite NuBryte features. From the app you can:

  • Turn the lights on/off (right from the couch) for any room in the home, or for the whole house all at once!

  • Dim the lighting to create the perfect scene for any occasion

  • Set the NuBryte Smart Lighting Modes (all in one place)

  • Vacation Mode – Set the dates for the time away from home, and the times for the lights to come on or go off. There’s also a “Random” option one can choose to have the lights randomly come on and off.

  • Wake-Up – Schedule the lights to gradually (and automatically) come on to make waking up easier.

  • Bedtime – Enter a time for bedtime to have the lights begin dimming 10 minutes before bed.

  • Night Light – Set the times at night to activate the Night Light Mode.

  • Motion Mode – Schedule the rooms and times when the Motion Mode will take effect – Save energy and money by letting NuBryte turn the lights off.

Activate the Home Security…From Anywhere

Knowing one’s home is safe, and giving them peace of mind, is one of the greatest home automation advantages. Homeowners can quickly (and easily) activate their home security from the NuBryte App, allowing them complete home control.

With the app homeowners can:

  • Activate the NuBryte security system

  • Has an alarm been triggered? Homeowners will receive those alert notifications directly on their smart phone, and can view video clips to see what’s happening inside.

  • Easily deactivate your alarm right from the app

Give Customers Their Own Digital Picture Frame

Did you know that you can upload a photo the App that will become a screensaver on the NuBryte Touchpoint? Homeowners can easily add their favorite photo into the Settings on the app, and save it to appear on the Touchpoint when it’s not in use.

Sync the Family Calendar with Google Calendar

For busy families, organization is key to a successful household. Not many NuBryte users know there’s an easy way schedule the entire day in the Family Calendar section of the App. What’s even better? They can sync that Family Calendar to their Google Calendar account and receive notifications directly on the NuBryte App and the Touchpoint. Helping homeowners stay organized will be a huge selling point!

Ready to add NuBryte to your business offerings? Become a NuBryte PRO!

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