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Easy Guide to Fitting NuBryte into Your Services

Consumers today are looking for smart home products that offer whole home automation, with the ability to control with their smartphones remotely. With an abundance of new products in the market, dealers like you can be overwhelmed with the choices of smart technology available to add to your product line.

Most dealers spend time searching for reliable, innovative brands in the industry, and we understand that adding the right products is critical to your success now and in the future. To ensure you have the right product mix, we’ve put together a guide to help you fit NuBryte Smart Home into your services.

“Our goal is to help you fit NuBryte in so that you have an opportunity with every customer!” – Casey Bush, NuBryte Sales

Consumers Looking for ‘All the Smarts’

For new customers looking to enter into the world of home automation, NuBryte is the perfect solution. Offering all the top features like motion-based home security, smart lighting, intercom system, and Home Hub, NuBryte is easy to install into a standard light switch.

Our pricing structure is aimed to fit the average consumer’s budget, so if you’re looking to expand your market with all-in-one tech, NuBryte, can help you reach your margin and do multiple installs in a day. It’s simple. You can get in, get out, and get paid!

Happy Customers Means Repeat Business (and Glowing Testimonials)

Our advice to dealers is to use emerging smart home trends as opportunities to return to previous customers with innovative, feature-rich solutions, like NuBryte. If you’ve already got a customer that’s interested in smart home technology, they may be wanting to expand their system.

We’ve found that one of the reasons NuBryte continues to grow is because of happy customers spreading the word about their new smart home solution that offers high functionality and low cost.

NuBryte Plays Nice

Many of our dealers also work with leading smart home providers, and we make it easy on you by offering a product that integrates with many of these top products. Last year, we jumped on the voice control trend and partnered with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to offer voice control smart lighting.

This year, we’re gearing up to announce several new integrations, including Control4, Crestron, URC, and Nest. You’ll be able to add NuBryte on to your existing Control4 or Crestron customers, and offer a simple expansion without all the heavy installation and expenses. It’s a win win for them…and you!

Great Product for Customers Going Through a Remodel

If you have a customer that’s already going through a home remodel, they may also want to add smart home technology to their project list. Since they’re already making updates and spending money on their home, they can be easily convinced that now is the time to take the plunge into home automation.

With NuBryte, our smart light switches are easy to install so homeowners are not having to add in extra wiring costs. Fitting into an existing light switch footprint, we make it easy to install and affordable!

Working with Builders?

Help your builder keep costs down on multiple homes or condos with NuBryte. Homeowners will love the extra “smart home value” that they’re getting, and builders will appreciate the low prices, easy installation, and clean look that NuBryte offers.

Ready to add NuBryte to your services? Sign-up Now to Become a NuBryte PRO!

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